How do you Keep your Dog Calm During Fireworks Night?

How to Keep your Dog Calm During Fireworks Night

Fireworks and the associated noise, bright lights and flashing can easily startle pets, triggering anxiety and stress which can lead to overreaction, behavioural issues and even physical illness. It can be a stressful experience for pet owners too, but there are things you can do to help calm your pet during firework festivities.

A little bit of foresight and training can help your pet get through the sensory chaos of firework celebrations, particularly on Bonfire night, New Years eve and Diwali. Creating a safe place in your home, in a quiet undisturbed area where your dog can have its own space, is a good way to start the process of calming and relieving of stress. Make sure this area is accessible at all times.

Associate this space with positive experiences; play with your dog, use this area to reward and treat your pet with chews and toys; make it feel like an enjoyable place where your dog can retreat to once they learn that the area is safe and comforting. Your pet will find this a safe haven to cope once the fireworks start.

It is important to use common sense too, if fireworks are imminent. Distract your pet; play with your dog; mask the noise by turning on the TV or radio; close windows and curtains to black out the lights and dampen the sounds. Try to avoid taking your pet for a walk during fireworks - take them out earlier in the day during daylight hours.

There are also many supplemental products to aid calming, such as calming collars, diffusers and drops. These can be used during periods of loud noise, like fireworks and thunderstorms, and can have a long-term calming effect on anxious pets or dogs with related behaviour issues. You can browse our range of calming and relaxation products online by clicking here.

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