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LickiMat Indoor Keeper Dog Lick Mat Bowl 3 ColoursLickiMat Indoor Keeper Dog Lick Mat Bowl 3 Colours
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Sodapup EMAT Licking Mat Flower Power

What are Lick Mats and their type?

A lick mat is an excellent tool for mental stimulation and hygiene maintenance for dogs. Our licking mats have been created to entertain pets, which reduces their anxiety. The licking motion also aids in slowing down dogs with a faster appetite and serves as a tool in puppy and dog training. Online, there are many types of lick mats available. Depending on your pet's size, shape, and needs, you'll be able to find a mat that will fit your pet's lifestyle. From silicone mats to rubbery options, there are a few popular ones on the market, each with its benefits. Certain models include little grooves for extra texture and have integrated biscuit holders to reward the pup's active behaviour. If you are looking for something that will entertain your pup for hours and keep him or her clean, one of the best places to start is the real pet store.

Uses of Lick Mats

Lick Mats are a great way to keep your pets clean, entertained, and healthy. Not only do they provide an extra layer of hygiene for your pet’s environment, but they can also help with general grooming. Here are some of the ways Lick Mats can be used:

Grooming – These mats with nubs offer your pet a stimulating, enjoyable, and comfortable experience for grooming purposes and alternatives.
Teeth Cleaning – For older pets that may not be able to chew bones or toys as well as younger pets, lick mats can help clean their teeth.
Stress Relief – By providing an activity that keeps your pet busy and stimulates their minds, lick mats can help reduce anxiety and stress in pets.
Health and Hygiene – By picking up drool and food off the floor, this pet mat makes it much easier for you to keep the home clean and provides a comfortable surface for your pet. 
Treat Dispenser – Most licking mats have ridges on one side so you can put treats inside for your furry friends to enjoy. This is perfect for when you want to reward them without having to give them treats all the time.
Entertainment - The ridges on the licking mats make it an interesting activity for your furry friends to explore and play with.
Massage - The ridges on these licking mats act as both a tool for increased circulation and as a place for your pet to stretch and soothe its sore muscles as it licks its way across.

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